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The Full Story

Arabica Express is a flagship of Arabica Coffee House.  

Arabica Coffee House was established in 1976 in Cleveland, Ohio. The goal of Arabica was to serve gourmet coffee in an inviting environment where our customers could relax and enjoy the nuances of a true Coffee House environment. This concept proved to be very successful and Arabica drew a huge following. In 1981 we began licensing our concept thru out Northeast Ohio and the rest is history.  Today we have over 100 locations signed for international development with future market locations coming to India, Dubai, Kazakhstan & Azerbaijan.

What is Specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee is the term used to describe higher grades of coffee in which every aspect the coffee goes through is a concentration of the highest standard. This includes growing, picking and roasting of the coffee beans to the delivery and serving of our coffee products.  We import the finest green coffee beans from over 40 countries around the world. We roast each origin beans separate to ensure the optimum roast for each specific bean. We then blend our beans after the roasting process and distribute all over the world in our cafes,  coffee houses and private retail labels.


These coffees are cupped and re-cupped throughout the purchasing, roasting, and packaging process to ensure that you are always getting the best quality possible. Many make this promise but few are able to deliver as consistently as we believe we do. As we like to say "The proof is in the cup"

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